Japanese Used Cars Auction and Export Service
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Japanese Used Cars Dealer AID CO.,LTD. 
is good Japanese second hand vehicles selling from Japan.
AID CO.,LTD. supply high-quality Japanese secondhand vehicles to the global customer.

It is vehicle procurement by a trader auto auction,
the land transportation arrangements to the port,
and total until taking a picture of the vehicle, securing tonnage,
the export document making, exporting, and arriving a local port service.
Please leave Asia and a necessary country of the South Pacific, Yangon Myanmar,
the Caribbean nations, Africa, another, and If need export inspection, We do it..

The vehicle fee, the auction commission,
the domestic land transportation expense,
the ship company shipping charge, ocean freight,
and marine insurance are actual expenses.

Export agency charge 39,000 JPY. / One unit.
Including : Freight, Insurance, Shipping charge, Shipping documents, Booking,

Please inquire in detail. We separately estimate the container use.
Japanese Used Cars Auction and Export Service
nakajima@aidjapan-usedcar.com usedminibus@s9.dion.ne.jp   or  nakajima@aidjapan-usedcar.com
Second hand Japanese vehicles Japanese used cars, Japanese second hand vehicles.com, Japanese used cars stock
1379-2-C-703, Nakajima, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan/ Phone: +81-467-58-7432 / FAX: 467-88-3810/
E-MAIL: usedminibus@s9.dion.ne.jp and nakajima@aidjapan-usedcar.com/
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Member of Chigasaki Chamber of Commerce Industry.
Used automobile quotient permission Kanagawa prefecture Public Safety Commission 452670003027
Japanese standard import and export cord : 1L125
Second hand Japanese vehicles Japanese used cars, Japanese second hand vehicles.com
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